2018 Summernats 31

Over the weekend I was sent out to photograph Summernats 31. Always great fun being at this event, photographing all the excitement of people and their cars. Here are a few of my fav images.

11 Days - Hockey ACT Season

11 Days to go!

Over the last few years I have taken many images in many conditions. Rain, Hail, Shine, Hot, Cold you name it I have done it........ Well not hurricane or fire. But having been in these crazy conditions the players have to be playing in it, and in this image shows the dedication of a coach who stands on the side line and takes the harsh conditions with their players.

Love this shot find image here:

We are almost at the end of the count down but still have more images to come so stay tuned

1 Day Till KCP will be attending Summernats 30

1 Day till Summernats 30

1 day to go! Tomorrow is the day, 365 days in a year and tomorrow Is when I'm there. 

Image 10 - Well this is my favourite image of all time. Why? Well this image not only has many memories for me but to me it's very technically perfect. Everything from the car, the drivers celebration, to the crowd. When I clicked my shutter I knew I had an amazing shot. This was also the 1 year I attended this event alone, it wasn't the last but I was riding solo.

Well this is the last image in the 10 image count. NOW! Stay tuned for the images from Summernats 30!!!

image 10 - Summernats 25 2012

1 days.jpg

2 Days Till Summernats 30

2 Days till Summernats 30

2 days to go! Well two days for me. Summernats has already started but the best days are when the weekend kicks in. It's almost here the party has almost begun! This brings up image 9 in KCP's 10 image special in the lead up to the big Summernats 30. 

Image 9 is one of my favourite of the 18 years I have attended Summernats car festival. 18 years??? Yes 18 but your 28?? Yep been attending this festival since I was in year 5. Long time! Seen it all and photographed it all. Had many great memories. I hope this year is when I take my best images. Why this image is one of my favourites well. When I started photography I learnt this technique "panning" simple technique but when done right you get this image. 

Stay tuned still many more days of fantastic images to come!!!

image 9 - Summernats 24 2011

3 days Till Summernats 30

3 Days till Summernats 30

3 days to go! What's that smell?? I think it's rubber & car fumes!!! That means Summernats is close! That must mean it's the 8th image in KCP's 10 image special in the lead up to the big Summernats 30. 

Image 8 features the same car that was in image 3. Why have two images of the same car? Well this image shows why. It's always exciting photographing "fear" and this is why! FIRE!!!

Stay tuned still many more days of fantastic images to come!!!

image 8 - Summernats 27 2014

4 Days Till Summernats 30

4 Days till Summernats 30

4 days to go! The excitement is building! I can hear the engines rumbling. Well we continue our count to Saturdays Summernats 30 bringing up image 7 in KCP's 10 image special in the lead up to the big Summernats 30. 

Image 7 its very close to image 5 but on this image the driver needs no help with his street burnout and has a few more spectators cheering him on. With the license plate "come on" and the trusty go pro on the pole he obviously knows what he is doing.

Stay tuned still many more days of fantastic images to come!!!

image #7 - Summernats 29 2016

4 days.jpg

5 Days Till Summernats 30

5 Days till Summernats 30

Only a working week to go until Saturdays Summernats 30. This brings up image 6 in KCP's 10 image special in the lead up to the big Summernats 30. 

Image 6 - The adrenaline is pumping and you hear the Tyers bursting with this the door opens up and you give the crowd a huge cheer. This is what the image means. This guy was very happy with what he did on the burning burnout pad. 

Stay tuned still many more days of fantastic images to come!!!

image #6 - Summernats 27 2014

5 days.jpg

7 Days Till Summernats 30

7 Days till Summernats 30

One week to the big Summernats 30 brings up image 4 in KCP's 10 image special in the lead up to the big Summernats 30. 

This image is when Summernats was little bit more relaxed. A token fun car at the festival with a few friends helping with the burnout on the street.

Stay tuned still many more days of fantastic images to come!!!

image #4 - Summernats 25 2012

10 Days Till Summernats 30

Summernats 30 - 10 days to go until KCP attends Summernats 30. 

In a lead up to Summernats 30 KCP will be showcasing 10 of his best images from 18 years of attending the best car festival in the world Summernats Car Festival. 

At 10am everyday until Saturday the 6th Jan Stay tuned to my Facebook for over the next 10 days you will see what has been captured over 18 years of attending this amazing festival. Keep an eye out here also for 2017s images!!!

Image 1 - 2016 Summernats 29

2016 International Festival Of Hockey Melbourne - Day One

After a 7 hour drive south Myself, My wife and my mother in law arrived in Melbourne for the International Festival Of Hockey. My wife was invited to be one of the umpires and myself, I had a media pass to capture all these amazing images. 

Today was days one of a 5 day tournament. This event Featured teams from Australia, New Zealand, India and Malaysia.

Stay tuned for more photos of the upcoming days.

3/9 - 4/9 Photos

The Round season is over and Round 1 of the finals began with positions 1v2, 3v4 playing off for a spot in the 2016 Hockey ACT Grand final. Some great clashes with 

Mens - OCHC v Goulburn (1st) Central v Wests (1st) Wests v St Pats (2nd) United v ANU (2nd)

Womans - Tuggeranong v St Pats (1st) ANU v Central (1st) QBN/Darra v Central (2nd) St Pats v ANU (2nd)

Games Photographed over the weekend were:

Mens - Wests v Central (1st) & Wests v St Pats (2nd)

Womans - ANU v Central (1st) & QBN/Darra v Central (2nd)

All Photos are now available and located

Please do not copy images from Facebook or website. Copyright to Keegan Carroll Photography. Not For commercial use. For commercial use Contact Keegan

27/8 - 28/8

After around 20 rounds of hockey last weekend was the final game for the unfortunate teams who didn't make the final rounds.  One particular mens game was an extremly important game to decide who made it made the last few rounds. Some tough games over the weekend with Wests Mens & ANU Womans coming away the victors. All photos are now available.

16/7 - 17/7 2nd grade Photos

Great News!!! 📸

After a week of and a well deserved rest I can announce All
2nd Grade photos from 16/7 -17/7, Mens & Womans
are now available!!! 

🏑1st grade photos available soon 

Mens - Central v OCHC
Womans - St Pats v ANU

Please do not copy images from Facebook. Copyright to Keegan Carroll Photography. Not For commercial use.

Mens & Womans 1st Grade ( 16/4, 23/4, 24/4)

The Hockey ACT Season has kicked of with some great match ups. 

Photos Available from the last 2 week are

16/4 - Albury, Wests, St Pats, OCHC (1st grade mens) 23/4 - Albury, United (1st grade Womans) Central, United (1st grade mens) 24/4 - NC, ANU, St Pats, OCHC (1st grade Womans)

Womans 1st Grade 2016 Season Start

📸 Woman's 1st grade hockey season is almost upon us. 🎞

If you attend Mens 1st grade you would notice KCP will be capturing all the special events this year.

So it's time to lace up the shoes and take the pitch and let's see what images I can capture. 

Image below is one of my favourite from 2015 season

Masters World Cup

Masters World Cup is over and all Images are available. It was a great event and I highly enjoyed all the action and great players. These are just a few of the best and my favourite images of the event. 

These photos are for viewing please don't copy them. All images can be found in your folders. If you require images for commercial use please email Keegan.

19th Sept - Grandfinal Day !

After 21 rounds for the mens and 18 for the women's todays the day when the season comes to an end and we find out who was the best for the 2015 Season. Its been a very long season but a great season.

A big thank you from KCP for all those who purchased images throughout the year.

For the final time this season the teams playing and covered today are:

CL2 Womens - St Pats v Tuggeranong @ 2pm

CL2 Mens - United v Wests @ 3.45

CL1 Womens - Tuggeranong v Central @ 5.30

CL1 Mens - Central v Goulburn @ 7pm

Good luck to all and stay tuned to when the photos are Available.

Hockey ACT Awards Night - Brophy / McKay Medal night

A great night was had by all at the Brophy/McKay medal night. I was lucky to be asked to cover the event. 

This years winners were

- Aaron Kershaw - Brophy (Goulburn)

- Tina Taseska - McKay (Central)

I'm also happy to say my wife (Emily) has won the women's umpire of the year for the 5th time in a row! Well done!

12 & 13th Sept - Junior Rugby League

Hockey Friends sorry for not covering your Preliminary Finals but it wasn't in vein. Keegan Carroll Photography was sub-contracted to photograph for Classic Action Sports Photography covering the junior rugby league at Canberra Stadium. It was a long two days, many photos were taken and lots of running was done. These are just a few photos of what KCP can do other than Hockey.