Junior league

31/7 Rugby League

Wondering where Keegan Carroll Photography was on Sunday 31st of July?

Well I was Photographing the 2016 School Sports Under 13 Rugby League tournament at West Belconnen with my old boss and Photography mentor Bob from Classic Action Sports Photography.

A great week long event with 4 games per day. I could only photograph day one and these a few photos. More on my website (NOT FOR SALE ON KCP)

Need to find the images from this event head to


12 & 13th Sept - Junior Rugby League

Hockey Friends sorry for not covering your Preliminary Finals but it wasn't in vein. Keegan Carroll Photography was sub-contracted to photograph for Classic Action Sports Photography covering the junior rugby league at Canberra Stadium. It was a long two days, many photos were taken and lots of running was done. These are just a few photos of what KCP can do other than Hockey.