2017 Hockey ACT Grand final Images

Great news!!! After 536 photos all photos from the 2017 Hockey ACT Season are NOW AVAILABLE!!!! 21 rounds of hockey, 2 rounds of finals and the Grand finals we had the winners. What a grand final day it was. Both 1st grade games went to shootout with Tuggeranong Womens and Goulburn Mens coming away with the wins. ANU women and Wests mens won their 2nd grade clashes. Head to link below to find all your finals images

2nd Grade Womens


St Pats -

2nd Grade Mens

Wests -

United -

1st Grade Womens

Tuggernong -

St Pats -

1st Grade Mens

Goulburn -



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2016 International Festival Of Hockey Melbourne - Day Three

Day Three of the 2016 International Festival Of Hockey is now over for another day. This day was a special day not only was my wife an umpire doing the game but it was my Birthday! Best way to spend a birthday, Photographing a sport I love. Well these are a few quick images.

14/8 Photos

14/78 Photos

Hey hey Hockey friends! The hockey ACT Season is almost at a close but until then more rounds to be covered. Last weekend was a great chance to cover both Goulburn Mens and Womans.

KCP can now announce photos are all available.

Games photographed:

Mens - Goulburn v St Pats

Womans - Goulburn v Central

Find your images at:

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Chris McKinnon Memorial Weekend #2

Chris McKinnon Memorial Weekend

KCP are Happy to announce ALL PHOTOS from the 2016 Chris McKinnon Memorial Weekend NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Photos located:

Action photographs located in Team folders, Portraits and Groups located:

A REMINDER - $5 will be donated to NBCF on ANY photo Purchased on until 19th Aug

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24/7 Photos

24/7 Photos

Only one game was photographed this weekend due to having my baby shower on the Saturday. After many rounds, time clashes and rain I finally had the chance to photograph Goulburn Woman. 

Game photographed:
OCHC & Goulburn W. 

Find your images at:…

To find your images.
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30th Sept - Bowls Australia Champion Day 3

3rd and final day of the Under 18 Bowls Championship held in my local city of Canberra. Gold, Silver and Bronze was awarded in singles, Doubles, Triples and 4's. It was a great two days of photographing for myself and here are a few photos from the final day.

19th Sept - Grandfinal Day !

After 21 rounds for the mens and 18 for the women's todays the day when the season comes to an end and we find out who was the best for the 2015 Season. Its been a very long season but a great season.

A big thank you from KCP for all those who purchased images throughout the year.

For the final time this season the teams playing and covered today are:

CL2 Womens - St Pats v Tuggeranong @ 2pm

CL2 Mens - United v Wests @ 3.45

CL1 Womens - Tuggeranong v Central @ 5.30

CL1 Mens - Central v Goulburn @ 7pm

Good luck to all and stay tuned to when the photos are Available.

12 & 13th Sept - Junior Rugby League

Hockey Friends sorry for not covering your Preliminary Finals but it wasn't in vein. Keegan Carroll Photography was sub-contracted to photograph for Classic Action Sports Photography covering the junior rugby league at Canberra Stadium. It was a long two days, many photos were taken and lots of running was done. These are just a few photos of what KCP can do other than Hockey.

12th & 13th Sept - Preliminary Finals

The season is only two more weeks till its over and now it time to find out which teams will take on Central in the mens and Tuggeranong in the womens.

Unfortunately Keegan Carroll Photography has been sub contracted to photograph some Junior Rugby League at Canberra Stadium so no photographs will be taken this weekend however you can find all photographs from previous rounds for you purchase over at the Mens/Womens Folders. 

Good luck to 

Mens - Wests v Goulburn

Womens - Central v St Pats

See you all on GRAND FINAL DAY !!!!!!

5 / 6 Sept - Semi Final Weekend

The 1st weekend of the finals is over. Some amazing hockey was played and some very close results. The photos from the weekend are now available for purchase. 

Saturday - Wests v Central & Goulburn v United (W)

Sunday - Tuggeranong v Central & ANU St Pats (W)

Thank you all and well done.