5 Days Till Summernats 30

5 Days till Summernats 30

Only a working week to go until Saturdays Summernats 30. This brings up image 6 in KCP's 10 image special in the lead up to the big Summernats 30. 

Image 6 - The adrenaline is pumping and you hear the Tyers bursting with this the door opens up and you give the crowd a huge cheer. This is what the image means. This guy was very happy with what he did on the burning burnout pad. 

Stay tuned still many more days of fantastic images to come!!!

image #6 - Summernats 27 2014

5 days.jpg

Womans 1st Grade 2016 Season Start

📸 Woman's 1st grade hockey season is almost upon us. 🎞

If you attend Mens 1st grade you would notice KCP will be capturing all the special events this year.

So it's time to lace up the shoes and take the pitch and let's see what images I can capture. 

Image below is one of my favourite from 2015 season

30th Sept - Bowls Australia Champion Day 3

3rd and final day of the Under 18 Bowls Championship held in my local city of Canberra. Gold, Silver and Bronze was awarded in singles, Doubles, Triples and 4's. It was a great two days of photographing for myself and here are a few photos from the final day.

19th Sept - Grandfinal Day !

After 21 rounds for the mens and 18 for the women's todays the day when the season comes to an end and we find out who was the best for the 2015 Season. Its been a very long season but a great season.

A big thank you from KCP for all those who purchased images throughout the year.

For the final time this season the teams playing and covered today are:

CL2 Womens - St Pats v Tuggeranong @ 2pm

CL2 Mens - United v Wests @ 3.45

CL1 Womens - Tuggeranong v Central @ 5.30

CL1 Mens - Central v Goulburn @ 7pm

Good luck to all and stay tuned to when the photos are Available.