13 Days - Hockey ACT Season

13 Days to GO!!!!

The sprinters are on, the pitch is ready and with only 13 days to go KCP is getting very excited almost as much as this St Pats Player. 

Want this image from last years grand final head here: http://www.keegancarrollphotography.com/st-pats-2nd-grade-1/160917kc163-stp-2m-f

Stay tuned round 1 is almost here but still many more images to go.

1 Day Till KCP will be attending Summernats 30

1 Day till Summernats 30

1 day to go! Tomorrow is the day, 365 days in a year and tomorrow Is when I'm there. 

Image 10 - Well this is my favourite image of all time. Why? Well this image not only has many memories for me but to me it's very technically perfect. Everything from the car, the drivers celebration, to the crowd. When I clicked my shutter I knew I had an amazing shot. This was also the 1 year I attended this event alone, it wasn't the last but I was riding solo.

Well this is the last image in the 10 image count. NOW! Stay tuned for the images from Summernats 30!!!

image 10 - Summernats 25 2012

1 days.jpg

5 Days Till Summernats 30

5 Days till Summernats 30

Only a working week to go until Saturdays Summernats 30. This brings up image 6 in KCP's 10 image special in the lead up to the big Summernats 30. 

Image 6 - The adrenaline is pumping and you hear the Tyers bursting with this the door opens up and you give the crowd a huge cheer. This is what the image means. This guy was very happy with what he did on the burning burnout pad. 

Stay tuned still many more days of fantastic images to come!!!

image #6 - Summernats 27 2014

5 days.jpg