2018 Canberra Raiders v Manly Sea Eagles

Another amazing night photographing for NRL Imagery at the Raiders. The Raiders were lucky to come away with the one point win over the Manly Sea Eagles. Here are a few of my favourite images from tonight. Keen to see more head to link below…/2018-nrl-round-12-raiders-v-se…/


2018 Junior Teeball Grandfinals

Great news! All the photos from yesterday Junior Teeball Grandfinals are now available!! Here is a sneak peak of the images captured.

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We try capture amazing images of every little athlete however due to match schedules and the number of photographers we cannot guarantee images of everyone.


2018 Softball Nationals

The 2018 Under 15's and Opens Softball Championships are now over. NSW Country and NSW Opens came away with the wins over Nsw Orange and the ACT. It has been a great tournament and the finals photos ARE ALL NOW AVAILABLE!!!

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2018 Softball Nationals day Four

Softball Nationals day Four - Edging closer to the finals we are coming to the pointy end of the event. Warm but great day yesterday with many amazing photos taken. More photos are now available and more are currently being uploaded. Here is a sneak peak of the action from day Four.

Games covered were:

15's - 
NSW Metro Orange v SA


Photos now available are - 
Day 1 Under 15's & Opens
Day 2 Under 15's & Opens (VIC, NSW, QLD)
Day 3 Under 15's (NSW Country, ACT)
Day 4 Under 15's (SA, NSW Orange)

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to find your images.

2017 Hockey ACT Grand final Images

Great news!!! After 536 photos all photos from the 2017 Hockey ACT Season are NOW AVAILABLE!!!! 21 rounds of hockey, 2 rounds of finals and the Grand finals we had the winners. What a grand final day it was. Both 1st grade games went to shootout with Tuggeranong Womens and Goulburn Mens coming away with the wins. ANU women and Wests mens won their 2nd grade clashes. Head to link below to find all your finals images

2nd Grade Womens


St Pats -

2nd Grade Mens

Wests -

United -

1st Grade Womens

Tuggernong -

St Pats -

1st Grade Mens

Goulburn -



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2017 Hockey ACT Grand final Portraits

2017 Hockey season is almost over. With 21 rounds of normal hockey and 2 rounds of finals before the grand final we come down to 2 teams for the mens and womens comp. Womens - Tuggeranong are ready to face 2016 primers St Pats and OCHC Mens are ready to show 2016 runners up Goulburn that they are still top after winning the 2017 minor premiership. 

29th - 30th July Photos

Last weekend KCP shared the love of photography with 2nd grade. Two games were photographed. St Pats and Central photographed on Saturday and Tuggeranong v OCHC Womens. Some great games and some amazing goals. KCP has great news Photos are now available!!!! Head to link below to find your amazing photography. 

Games photographed:

Saturday -

St Pats v Central- 2nd Grade Mens

Sunday - 

Tuggeranong v OCHC - 2nd Grade Womens

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15th - 16th July Photos

Great News!!! Photos from the 15th & 16th July now available. Amazing games over the weekend with two great games covered. Goulburn won the mens game and Central won the womens. Head to link below to find all the amazing images from last weekend and from this season!!

Games photographed:

Saturday -

Goulburn v United- 1st Grade Mens

Sunday - 

North Canberra v Central - 1st Grade Womens

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7th April Photos

Hello Hockey Players!!! Great news, photos from Sunday 7th May are now all available. One game was photographed on the weekend and what a hard fought battle the game was. It came down to the final seconds with St Pats Women's scoring a goal from a short corner to draw up their match against Central. 

Games photographed:

Saturday - 

Central v St Pats - 1st Grade

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29th - 30th April Photos

A big weekend of photography for KCP with 4 games being covered. Two 1st Grade games and Two 2nd Grade games. Some amazing games last weekend with some great goals. Well all photos are now available. Head to link below to find your amazing images.

Games photographed:

Saturday - 

OCHC v Tuggeranong - 1st Grade

OCHC v Tuggeranong - 2nd Grade


OCHC v UC - 1st Grade

OCHC v UC - 2nd Grade

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22nd April Mens photos

Great news!!! Photos from Saturday 22nd April and now all available. Only Two games photographed this weekend and unfortunately for the Ladies only the men were covered. Two cracking games though with Tuggeranong hosting Wests down in the south of Canberra. Wests came away with both 1st grade and 2nd Grade.

Games photographed:

Saturday - 

Wests v Tuggeranong - 1st Grade

Wests v Tuggeranong - 2nd Grade

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9 Days - Hockey ACT Season

9 Days to go!

9 Days to go........ Yes 9. As in this photo his waiting to get back on the pitch after a yellow card, I'm waiting to get back to photographing hockey.

This image could be your if you head here:

Almost at the end of the Count down. Stay tuned the final images are my favourite and my best.

11 Days - Hockey ACT Season

11 Days to go!

Over the last few years I have taken many images in many conditions. Rain, Hail, Shine, Hot, Cold you name it I have done it........ Well not hurricane or fire. But having been in these crazy conditions the players have to be playing in it, and in this image shows the dedication of a coach who stands on the side line and takes the harsh conditions with their players.

Love this shot find image here:

We are almost at the end of the count down but still have more images to come so stay tuned

14 Days - Hockey ACT Season

14 Days to go!!!

Ready to take the field? Well KCP's ready to photograph. This image is a great example of being a fly on the wall. Taken back in 2015 this UC Player is ready to get into the mix against United hockey Club.

Keen to take this image home? Head to this link:

Almost coming to an end of the countdown but still more image to come so stay tuned.

15 Days - Hockey ACT Season

15 Days.

Round one is coming very quickly. Before every game the teams meet in the middle of the pitch for the coin toss and shake hands before battle. I have found that this is always the best time to get some creative shots. This shot was taken during the 2016 Season.

This shot for the photographers was taken on a 5D MrkIII with a 15mm Fish eye.

Want this shot for your own head to:

18 Days - Hockey ACT Season

18 Days to go!!

Every morning you see the sun go up and know that round one edges closer. Once round one is down then this image comes closer... The grand final. 18 Days to go photo comes from 2015 Grandfinal - Tuggeranong Vikings V's Central. Tuggeranong Vikings claimed out their 1st grandfinal in a long history in the tournament.

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21 Days - Hockey ACT Season

21 Days!! 

Every day we all edge closer and closer to April 1. With 21 days to go we bring up this image. Captured in 2015 this image shows that focus is an important element in hockey and also in photography. 

Need this image for your archive well head to this link:

More to come over the next few days.

25 Days - Hockey ACT Season

25 Days to go.

A few days down and slowly preparing for the work ahead. We bring up this image, You can always tell an amazing hockey player by the way they can carry and ball. This defender has not only beaten his player but been able to carry the ball with one hand and on his back stick. 

Want more images well Stay tuned more to come.

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29 Days - Hockey ACT Season

29 Days to go! 

The thing I love about hockey is the skill it takes to control a small white ball with a stick and still have enough hand eye coordination to beat players and score goals. WOW. 

Interested in this image for your wall or social media head to link below.

29 Days to go and still some amazing images.