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24th - 25th June Photos

After weekend off photographing some netball KCP arrived back at his weekly sport hockey. I photographed two games this weekend. One Mens, One Womens.

Games photographed:

Saturday -

OCHC v Tuggeranong  - 1st Grade Mens

Sunday - 

ANU v Central - 1st Grade Womens

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21 Days - Hockey ACT Season

21 Days!! 

Every day we all edge closer and closer to April 1. With 21 days to go we bring up this image. Captured in 2015 this image shows that focus is an important element in hockey and also in photography. 

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More to come over the next few days.

Summernats 30, 2017 - Sunday

Summernats 30

Finals day, My Favourite day. All year long spending hours and days preparing the Go to Whoa and Burnout cars comes down to one day. What a year to win a title Summernats 30. The Drivers left it all on the line for ultimate glory and it shows in the images. 

Winner of Burnout Master was Killa-B (Yellow Camero)

I can't wait until Summernats 31 - 364 Days to go!!