Enlighten Canberra Festival

Enlighten Canberra

Over the last week Canberra held a very exciting festival, Enlighten. This is an event I attend every year. Enlighten is a festival held in Canberra where images are projected images onto local landmarks. Buildings like.

National Portrait Gallery, Questacon, National Library, Parliament House.

I love this event mainly because its always exciting and the images I have captured over the years are some of my favourites.

31 Days - 2017 Hockey ACT Season

31 Days to go until the 2017 Hockey ACT Season. This is my Favourite remote camera images in my expansive catalogue of hockey photos. This image was taken last year down in Melbourne at the International Festival of Hockey. A festival that featured countries from Australia, India, Malaysia and NZ.

More photos to come over the next month so stay tuned!!

34 & 33 Days - 2017 Hockey ACT Season

WOW! 33 Days to go until the 2017 Hockey ACT Season kicks of.

Well you have all seen my Summernats count down in December / January, well get ready for KCP count down to the 2017 hockey season.

Over the last two years KCP has had the privilege to cover the 1st grade / 2nd Grade season and many events held in the ACT for Hockey ACT. Capturing all the special moments that have happened in the nations capital.

Well lets get this count down started. I was a little slow with getting the 1st post up so three photos will be featured first.

KCP has covered a few international Hockey tournaments, alongside many amazing photographers. These event were the International Festival of Hockey held in Melbourne in 2016 and Aus V China Test series held in Sydney in 2015.

1st Image - (34 Days) Emily Smith, Aus player celebrates after an amazing goal at the Aus v China test series held in Sydney Olympic park 2015.

2nd Image - (34 Days) Male Aus Player passionately celebrates after scoring a solo goal against India in Melbourne in 2015.

3rd Image - (33 Days) Canberra's very own Kalindi Commerford pulls on the Hockeyroos Jersey in her clash with India in Melbourne 2015.

Well 1st three photos down, Day 34 & 33. Stay tuned 32 more photos to come.

Summernats 30, 2017 - Sunday

Summernats 30

Finals day, My Favourite day. All year long spending hours and days preparing the Go to Whoa and Burnout cars comes down to one day. What a year to win a title Summernats 30. The Drivers left it all on the line for ultimate glory and it shows in the images. 

Winner of Burnout Master was Killa-B (Yellow Camero)

I can't wait until Summernats 31 - 364 Days to go!!

10 Days Till Summernats 30

Summernats 30 - 10 days to go until KCP attends Summernats 30. 

In a lead up to Summernats 30 KCP will be showcasing 10 of his best images from 18 years of attending the best car festival in the world Summernats Car Festival. 

At 10am everyday until Saturday the 6th Jan Stay tuned to my Facebook for over the next 10 days you will see what has been captured over 18 years of attending this amazing festival. Keep an eye out here also for 2017s images!!!

Image 1 - 2016 Summernats 29

June Long Weekend

After a long three days of photographing and many more of editing and uploading Keegan Carroll Photography is proud to announce that all photos from Hockey ACT June Long weekend Hockey Carnival are now Available!!!

Unfortunately with photographing this event solo means that some kids will have been missed and some teams being only covered for half a game. Keegan Carroll Photography would like to apologies for any inconvenience.

Please do not copy images from Facebook. Copyright to Keegan Carroll Photography. Not For commercial use