Australia Day Softball Day Two

Australia Day Softball Day Two - 

Day Two down and now onto day three the finals games. Yesterday didn't disappoint, teams played hard and fair and the photographs were even better than the day before. Some photos are now available with more being uploaded today. Here is a sneak peak of what was captured on Day two of the Australia day long weekend carnival. 

Photos available now are:

U13 Boys
Blue Jays

13 Girls
Manly Blue & Manly White
Manly Maroon
Blue Jays

Photos taken during games were:

Blue Jays
Canberra Eclipse
Canberra Force
Ingleburn RSL All Stars
Wagga Wagga

U13 Girls
Canberra Eclipse
North Shore

U15 Girls
North Shore

15 Boys
Blue Jays

U17 Girls
Sweet Heat
Blue Jays

With a high volume of images, Day two will be available soon.

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26th Aug Photos

After a small break KCP was back at hockey. This week I covered a few games. Mens 1st & 2nd Grade and Womens 2nd and SL4. An awesome weekend with some better photos Head to links below to find your images. 

Games photographed:

Saturday -

UC v ANU - 2nd Grade Womens

UC v ANU - SL4 Womens

ANU v UC - 2nd Grade Mens

OCHC v Central - 1st Grade Mens

All other images from the 2017 Season Head to link below:

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13th - 14th May Photos available

After a long week of work the weekend comes and Hockey beings. Many games photograph KCP can announce that he photos from 13th-14th May are now available!!! One mens game and two womens games were photographed.  

Games photographed:

Saturday -

United v OCHC - 1st Grade Mens

Sunday - 

Tuggeranong v UC - 1st Grade Womens

United v Goulburn - 1st Grade Womens

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17 Days - Hockey ACT Season

17 Days!!!

Im assuming all teams are in their pre season training, Preparing for the upcoming season. With all great teams starts with the coach. Making game plans and instructing their team on the field. 

Like your coach head to this link to find this image:

Want more photos? Well come back tomorrow at 1pm have see the next addition in the count down to the 2017 Hockey ACT Season

19 Days - Hockey ACT Season

19 Days to go!!

With hockey and all sports they have one important element....... Keep your eye on the ball. This is an exact example of this.

Love this shot find it here:

Still more photos to come!

23 Days - Hockey ACT Season

23 Days to go until the 2017 Hockey ACT Season

Over the years KCP has taken many images but its not very often a side profile shot is taken. Showing of the full short swing and the focus on the ball.

Find image here:

Like this image.... well more to come!!! 

24 Days - Hockey ACT Season

24 Days to Go!

On this special day with only 24 days to go until Hockey ACT's Round we celebrate the International Women's Day. In Hockey we have many amazing woman wether its a coach, manager, umpire, technical staff or even supporter all of these amazing woman go with little to no recognition. A very special woman to me is my wife. She's achieved so much in the sport she loves while being an amazing mother and an even better wife. Thanks to Emily and all other woman who make the world an amazing place.

Stay Tuned more amazing photos to come.

31 Days - 2017 Hockey ACT Season

31 Days to go until the 2017 Hockey ACT Season. This is my Favourite remote camera images in my expansive catalogue of hockey photos. This image was taken last year down in Melbourne at the International Festival of Hockey. A festival that featured countries from Australia, India, Malaysia and NZ.

More photos to come over the next month so stay tuned!!

KCP & Family Trip to Tas Day 5 (Day 4 on Boat)

Day 5 (No day 4 Traveling of Spirit of Tas) Trip to Newcombe Wedding

Day 5 well if you love walking and nature this is the place to be. Where you might ask? Caddle Hill. After a 6km walk over the day this is a quick pick of photos. Mainly due to heading back there today for some more walks. Stay tuned more photos from the next few days coming soon.

Summernats 30, 2017 - Saturday

Summernats 30, 2017,

After a long day of working at Summernats 30. I would like to present my best images from Saturday. It was a pleasure to be working for Sunday Telegraph yesterday, Very hot and busy day but I love this time of year. If you would like to see more images pick up a news paper or head online.

2016 International Festival Of Hockey Melbourne - Day One

After a 7 hour drive south Myself, My wife and my mother in law arrived in Melbourne for the International Festival Of Hockey. My wife was invited to be one of the umpires and myself, I had a media pass to capture all these amazing images. 

Today was days one of a 5 day tournament. This event Featured teams from Australia, New Zealand, India and Malaysia.

Stay tuned for more photos of the upcoming days.

Father in Law Wedding

9th - 10th No Games Photographed

No Hockey Photos taken this weekend BUT for those who know my father in law Jim O'Shea He got married!! I attended the wedding and shot a few photos (wasn't the official photographer). The wedding was held at Coolangatta, Very impossible to drive home in time for some hockey games, so i will have a slight rest and edit some wedding photos other than hockey.

Stay Tuned for another big weekend next weekend.