Enlighten Canberra Festival

Enlighten Canberra

Over the last week Canberra held a very exciting festival, Enlighten. This is an event I attend every year. Enlighten is a festival held in Canberra where images are projected images onto local landmarks. Buildings like.

National Portrait Gallery, Questacon, National Library, Parliament House.

I love this event mainly because its always exciting and the images I have captured over the years are some of my favourites.

Summernats 30, 2017 - Saturday

Summernats 30, 2017,

After a long day of working at Summernats 30. I would like to present my best images from Saturday. It was a pleasure to be working for Sunday Telegraph yesterday, Very hot and busy day but I love this time of year. If you would like to see more images pick up a news paper or head online.

4 Days Till Summernats 30

4 Days till Summernats 30

4 days to go! The excitement is building! I can hear the engines rumbling. Well we continue our count to Saturdays Summernats 30 bringing up image 7 in KCP's 10 image special in the lead up to the big Summernats 30. 

Image 7 its very close to image 5 but on this image the driver needs no help with his street burnout and has a few more spectators cheering him on. With the license plate "come on" and the trusty go pro on the pole he obviously knows what he is doing.

Stay tuned still many more days of fantastic images to come!!!

image #7 - Summernats 29 2016

4 days.jpg