17 Days - Hockey ACT Season

17 Days!!!

Im assuming all teams are in their pre season training, Preparing for the upcoming season. With all great teams starts with the coach. Making game plans and instructing their team on the field. 

Like your coach head to this link to find this image:

Want more photos? Well come back tomorrow at 1pm have see the next addition in the count down to the 2017 Hockey ACT Season

30 Days - 2017 Hockey ACT Season

30 Days to go to 1st hit of the the 2017 Hockey ACT Season. 

When the crunch is on and you have half a game before your season is over this is when the coach gathers in there team for one inspirational speech. This is a perfect image of St Pats 1st grade coach giving his team some final instructions before they hit it field to win the 2015 title. 

Still more photos to come Stay tuned. 

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