27 Days - Hockey ACT Season

27 Days to go! Can you hear that? Well I can still hear the cheers from the St Pats Fans from the 2nd grade win in 2015! Hooter blows and all the players run in and congratulate each other.

Love this image and want to forever remember that moment head to link below to find the image.

34 & 33 Days - 2017 Hockey ACT Season

WOW! 33 Days to go until the 2017 Hockey ACT Season kicks of.

Well you have all seen my Summernats count down in December / January, well get ready for KCP count down to the 2017 hockey season.

Over the last two years KCP has had the privilege to cover the 1st grade / 2nd Grade season and many events held in the ACT for Hockey ACT. Capturing all the special moments that have happened in the nations capital.

Well lets get this count down started. I was a little slow with getting the 1st post up so three photos will be featured first.

KCP has covered a few international Hockey tournaments, alongside many amazing photographers. These event were the International Festival of Hockey held in Melbourne in 2016 and Aus V China Test series held in Sydney in 2015.

1st Image - (34 Days) Emily Smith, Aus player celebrates after an amazing goal at the Aus v China test series held in Sydney Olympic park 2015.

2nd Image - (34 Days) Male Aus Player passionately celebrates after scoring a solo goal against India in Melbourne in 2015.

3rd Image - (33 Days) Canberra's very own Kalindi Commerford pulls on the Hockeyroos Jersey in her clash with India in Melbourne 2015.

Well 1st three photos down, Day 34 & 33. Stay tuned 32 more photos to come.

2016 International Festival Of Hockey Melbourne - Day Five

Well the 2016 International Festival of Hockey is now over. Many images were taken then many great moments happened. Hope everyone has enjoyed my images. This is the best of the best from the 5th day. 


Mens - 1st Aus 2nd NZ 3rd India 4th Malaysia

Womans - 1st Aus 2nd India

2016 International Festival Of Hockey Melbourne - Day Three

Day Three of the 2016 International Festival Of Hockey is now over for another day. This day was a special day not only was my wife an umpire doing the game but it was my Birthday! Best way to spend a birthday, Photographing a sport I love. Well these are a few quick images.

2016 International Festival Of Hockey Melbourne - Day One

After a 7 hour drive south Myself, My wife and my mother in law arrived in Melbourne for the International Festival Of Hockey. My wife was invited to be one of the umpires and myself, I had a media pass to capture all these amazing images. 

Today was days one of a 5 day tournament. This event Featured teams from Australia, New Zealand, India and Malaysia.

Stay tuned for more photos of the upcoming days.