8 Days - Hockey ACT Season

8 Days to go.

When you spend every weekend taking images of amazing athletes, the images start the blend into each other especially after a long season. When Millie went on a run through the ANU defenders in the 2016 Hockey ACT Grand final and I clicked the shutter I knew without even looking at my view finder I had a special image. The subject in this image is of the 2016 Mckay Medal winner - Millie Monfires. Hockey ACT's Best player.  Amazing person and an amazing talent.

Love this image well Still 8 more to come.

18 Days - Hockey ACT Season

18 Days to go!!

Every morning you see the sun go up and know that round one edges closer. Once round one is down then this image comes closer... The grand final. 18 Days to go photo comes from 2015 Grandfinal - Tuggeranong Vikings V's Central. Tuggeranong Vikings claimed out their 1st grandfinal in a long history in the tournament.

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2016 International Festival Of Hockey Melbourne - Day Five

Well the 2016 International Festival of Hockey is now over. Many images were taken then many great moments happened. Hope everyone has enjoyed my images. This is the best of the best from the 5th day. 


Mens - 1st Aus 2nd NZ 3rd India 4th Malaysia

Womans - 1st Aus 2nd India