2018 Softball Nationals day Five

Softball Nationals day Five - Only two days left of the 2018 15's & Open nationals in Canberra. Yesterday was a hot day for the athletes but that didn't stop them hitting home runs. More photos are going up, keep and eye in the message bar for when they are available. Keen to see a sneak preview of yesterday just look below.

Games covered were:

15's - 
NSW Country v Victoria
NSW Orange v ACT

Photos now available are - 
Day 1 Under 15's & Opens
Day 2 Under 15's & Opens (VIC, NSW, QLD)
Day 3 Under 15's (NSW Country, NSW Green, QLD Storm, ACT)
Day 4 Under 15's (SA, NSW Orange)
Opens - WA
Day 5 - Under 15's (NSW country)

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