1 Day - Hockey ACT Season

One more day. Tomorrow is the day. This has been a long countdown but a great countdown. I hope all my viewers enjoyed all my photos and look forward to what will be captured during the 2017 season.

Well these are the two final images. I couldn't go past the 2016 Winners Central for the mens and St Pats for the womans. 

Want your copy of the Grand final team photos head here:

Central - https://www.keegancarrollphotography.com/central-2/160917kc264-ct-m-f

St Pats - https://www.keegancarrollphotography.com/st-pats-w/160917kc232-stp-w-f

If you love the images let me know by purchasing them from my website. KCP runs only by photos being sold.

Well stay tuned to my Facebook, Website and Instagram for all of the images captured this season. See you around the National Hockey Centre Canberra or hopefully somewhere else in Australia or the World!!! BRING ON TOMORROW!!!