3 Days - Hockey ACT Season

3 Days!!!


What i enjoy about photography is capturing images that will never happen again. You can play against the same teams but once the step is taken it won't ever be the same again. Another thing I love about photography is talking to many amazing people and having many great friends at the hockey fields, It could be parents, Athletes, coaches, Staff or anyone. Jess and Sophie the two athletes in this photo, I can say are some very amazing and special friends I have made with photographing this amazing sport. These two girls I can say I'm sure I will be friends with for a very long time. As they say always keep good company close. 

Well the image on the right of Jess - She's not a big goal scorer, being a defender. When she had a chance to take a shot of a short corner she did what she's needed to do and put it back in the back of the net.

Left photo of Sophie - After a break away and becoming one on one with the goal keeper, sophie dove for the ball out stretched and chipping it over the goal keeper for an amazing goal. 

3 more photos to go!